Administrative Costs Comfort Doll Project

Administrative costs for Comfort Doll Project are extremely low. The original founder, Donna Mair, is the sole administrator at this time. Our charity also has no physical office, hence no administration costs beyond costs associated with the band photos and guitar string bracelet auctions we run – these costs are:

  • eBay fees
  • Paypal fees
  • photo enlargement costs for auctions that feature 8×10 glossies of bands
  • cost of beads to create bracelets from donated used guitar strings
  • postage to mail auction items to winning bidders

We strive to keep costs as low as possible -these are the only costs that are recouped. 100% of proceeds of each auction or sale goes to World Vision Canada through their online Gift Catalog, or Salvation Army or Food Bank.

When we ship comfort dolls to Icross Canada or Drops of Grace, that cost does not come out of our fundraising proceeds – it either comes from the sale of our Inspired Sayings bracelets, or out of pocket.

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