12 – Paul Rodgers

Auction 12 – December 2008 we auctioned off an autographed photo of Paul Rodgers (singer for Queen, Bad Company, Free). The money raised from the auction ($105.00) was donated to World Vision through their online Gift Catalog and we were able to ‘purchase’ the following items:

-2 Mosquito Nets which will protect up to 8 children from malaria ($30)
-provided Antibiotics for 10 Children ($30)
-supplied necessary Vitamin A to prevent blindness in at risk children ($30)
-supplied Fortified Flour for 1 household for more than a year ($15)

Many thanks to Paul Rodgers and his manager Cynthia, as well as his tour manager Chris Crawford and photographer Brad Gregory for all their help and support, as well as Paul’s web design lady for all the promo with Paul’s fan club and website. They are all very nice people, totally committed to giving back in any way they can and it was my pleasure to work with them on this auction. The photo of Paul and the comfort doll was taken by Brad Gregory while Paul was touring in Russia!

paul rodgers comfort doll project06

Paul Rodgers

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