4 – Tom Cochrane, Daniel Lanois

Auction 4 – December 2007 was our fourth auction featuring Canadian iconic rocker, Tom Cochrane, Daniel Lanois (U2 producer, musician), and New Jersey musician Jimmy Eppard, as well as 4 dolls that were knitted to loosely resemble the guys from U2., and we raised a staggering $500 dollars! This is the first auction that we started using the funds raised, at the World Vision Gift Catalog and a little goes a long way. The list of items we ‘purchased’ is long:

-4 mother to child HIV prevention kits (prevents mothers from passing HIV on to their infants during childbirth)
-8 bed nets to prevent malaria – each bed net can protect up to 4 children
-4 batches of Vitamin A therapy to prevent childhood blindness – each batch to protect up to 6 children

All told, we were able to help up to 54 children with the generosity provided by Tom and Daniel and their managers/promo people, and the people that bid on the auction items.

tom cochrane comfort doll project 06

Tom Cochrane

u2 comfort doll project 06

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