15 – Brent Butt

Auction 15 – In March 2009, comedian –Brent Butt from Corner Gas came to town and on a whim I contacted his manager and asked about doing a Comfort Doll photo with him.. within a few short hours I had an answer back: Brent would be delighted to do a photo for our project when he came to town. I was able to take a friend with me to do the photo and it was pretty cool to meet the mastermind and comic genius behind Corner Gas :)

We auctioned off Brent’s photo and brought in $40 dollars – keeping with Brent’s sense of adventure and humor, we chose to purchase a Piglet! :) A piglet can plumb up to 90 pounds in only 3 months, is a great source of fertilizer and protein. A female pig can produce a litter every year to sell at market – it seemed the perfect fun gift.

brent butt comfort doll project06

Brent Butt

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