10 – Seether, Aaron Pritchett

Auction 10 – September 2008 had our tenth auction, and the results were mind numbing. We combined Canadian Country singer Aaron Pritchett’s second ‘lot’ of goodies with Seether, a band from South Africa and LA. The auction raised just over $300.00 for the photos of the band and the autographed drumsticks and guitar picks from Seether, and the goodies package from Aaaron Pritchett.

Seether fan’s donated an additional $414.00 dollars! All due to one fan (Leigh) not only winning both lots of items, but splitting up her items and re-auctioning them to as many Seether fans as she could – and those fans helped us raise a total of $715.00!

the money went for the following items (it’s mind boggling)

-fund a medical clinic with all supplies for a year ($100)
-buy a bike and repair kit (bike is how DR’s get around to visit their patients) ($100)
-hot lunches for 50 kids for a month (so 100 kids total) ($75 + $75)
-2 lots of Vitamin A to prevent blindness – 12 children treated in total ($30 + #30)
-2 lots of 2 beds nets each lot – will protect up to 16 children in total ($30 + $30)
-2 lots of antibiotics to treat up to 20 children in total ($30 + $30)
-3 soccer balls for kids to play ($30)
-3 school uniforms for 3 children to be able to attend school ($35)
-2 hens and 1 rooster which can produce up to 120 eggs a year ($55)
-furnishes a school room for a year with paper, pencils and other needed items ($50)
-provides enough fortified flour for one year to a family ($15)

We was able to use every last penny donated. Thank you so much to SeetherShaun Morgan, John Humphrey, Dale Stewart and Troy McLawhorn, and to all the Seether fans who made this the most successful, biggest auction to date! You helped push the Comfort Doll Project over the $2000.00 dollar mark for donations to African charities!

A huge thank you to Vancouverite Aaron Pritchett who was very generous with his time, and donated enough swag and posed for enough photos that we were able to make three ‘lots’ out of it all for future auctions! We auctioned off the first ‘lot’ earlier in 2008 and combined it with the proceeds from Blue October’s auction and sent the money to ICross Canada.

Seether comfort doll project06



Aaron Pritchett comfort doll project06

Aaron Pritchett

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