Austin Belle Auction results

Austin Belle Jesse Wainwright Stacey McKitrick

Our friends Jesse Wainwright (from rock band State of Shock) and Stacey McKitrick (aka Austin Belle) donated to our cause this summer. Jesse donated his used guitar strings, and Tobi their drummer handed us the used sticks at the last house concert they did. Kadooh their guitarist gave us the set list and made sure everyone in the band signed it! We auctioned these off and were able to raise $160.00 which we put to good use via World Vision’s Gift Catalog.

  • meds for 10 kids in need
  • school lunches for 50 kids for a month
  • supplied an entire classroom for a year (matched by Canadian corporate donors)
  • We also rounded up our amount which World Vision would send to where its needed most

Many thanks to the band, and to Jesse in particular who is going to donate many more guitar strings, and who sponsored a child just recently! Well done 🙂

Follow @Austinbelleband and find them on Instagram and Facebook.

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