State of Shock guitar string bracelet Auction results

Jesse and Kadooh state of shock

Kadooh and Jesse from State of Shock (and now Austin Belle) have been great friends to Comfort Doll Project over the years! Kadooh and Jesse both donated their used guitar strings last year and we auctioned them off a few at a time.. the final ones were auctioned this month and we have the results!

We raised $80 and were able to Supply a Classroom for a year, as well as provide Antibiotics for 10 kids.

The cool thing about this auction is that Jesse spent some time in Peru just before the auction, in a very poor area of the country, and when he was coming home through the airport, ended up talking to a couple of ladies from World Vision who had a booth set up… he ended up sponsoring a child on the spot! He got home that evening, and found our thank you card in his mail box 🙂 Jesse has become a huge supporter of what we do, and has donated more used strings from his country band, Austin Belle. Kadooh too is a huge supporter and tells his band friends about what we are doing.

NEW AUCTION! Jack Syperek from THE TREWS donates strings

New Auction coming!

Jack Syperek from The Trews donated his used bass strings and we made necklaces and jewelry to reflect Jack’s unique style! They’ll all be auctioned on eBay starting Thurs May 15 and up on eBay for 7 days!  Once eBay gives us a live link we’ll post it here and on our Facebook page and Twitter too!

100% proceeds going to World Vision – please feel free to share this image with friends ! !

Jack, The Trews bass string auction coming!

Jack Syperek, bass player for The Trews donated some of his well used strings a few months ago, and we created a small selection of items that will be up for auction THIS THURSDAY, May 15, starting at 10:00 pm EST / 7pm PST and running for a full week (due to long weekend in Canada).

All proceeds from this auction will go to World Vision through their online gift catalog. You can have a look at the items below – and as soon as eBay activates the auction we’ll provide a link in our side bar! Hope some of you are lucky! 😉



New Kiva Loan! for Jann Arden

We just selected our 9th KIVA loan on behalf of Jann Arden! We started with a $25 dollar loan back in 2008 and each time the Entrepreneur paid the amount back, we would choose another lender.

This new Entrepreneur is 70yr old Pedro from Peru, who will use the loan to stock his small store with more products to sell. The loan will be paid back over a 14 month period and once again we will reinvest the $25 with a new lender!

Collective Soul guitar strings 2 Hurricane Sandy

collective soul guitar string bracelet Collective Soul donated a second batch of used guitar strings including a set from guitarist Joel Kosche this time around.

We auctioned them off to the fans, and were able to raise $500 which we then donated to Salvation Army for Hurricane Sandy relief.

The fans helped us choose who to send the money to.. and since Hurricane Sandy had just happened, and the lower sections of New York/New Jersey seemed to be being ignored by larger disaster relief agencies we wanted to concentrate our donation there. It truly was a group effort.