Auction Results for Comfort Doll Project

Comfort Doll Project Auction Results

Over the years we’ve learned how to improve our auctions, and we’ve had a lot of the bands/musicians help us out by adding our auction links to their Facebook and Twitter pages. Our auctions have progressively grown larger, and after about the third or fourth auction, we started ‘buying’ things from the World Vision Gift Catalog instead of just sending a lump sum to our chosen charity.

Around 2012 we noticed that photos were not selling as much, so switched gears and began to make wearable jewelry from used guitar and bass strings donated by bands and artists. These were auctioned for a few years and are now sold outright on our social sites, especially Twitter and Instagram.. in 2018 we decided to incorporate photos again into our fundraising, but instead of auctioning a single photo, we are selling multiple photos of the same image to fans of that artist or band.. we missed seeing the artists with a comfort doll !!

We’ve raised over $13,846.00 in 11 years to date, and worked with many amazing people all wanting to find a way to give back. Cheers to you all, you all have been incredibly generous. To see individual auction results click on a specific year/artist link.

Sam Roberts comfort doll project06   tom cochrane comfort doll project 06

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