A Sheep at the Wheel

I met Courtney through the U2 fan forum and got to know him online then we had a bar-b-que and invited some ‘U2’ friends over to brainstorm ideas on how to support the One Campaign at some of the U2 shows.. Courtney was one of the invites.

Courtney has a band called A Sheep at the Wheel and they were in the middle of recording their second album at the time, so I asked if he’d be interested in doing a comfort doll photo and he said he’d talk to the rest of the band. It took a month or two but he came back with a ‘yes’ answer and so one night I headed downtown to their rehearsal studio and got to watch the band rehearse for a good couple of hours, including Sheep singing a new song that was to be on the new record. It was pretty cool. We could hear other bands down the hallways of the rehearsal space also banging it out – a very cool atmosphere for a music fan. After their rehearsal, we headed out to the hallway, and I got them to all jump on the couch with the comfort doll. Sheep/Courtney is holding the doll, the drummer is wearing the glasses, guitar player in yellow and black, rhythm guitarist in green and bass player in the back in black.

A Sheep at the Wheel’s photo was auctioned with Rocko and the Devil’s photo in May 2007 and the proceeds went to Music Rising – a charity created by U2’s The Edge to help musicians affected by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Since we were both big U2 fans, since thats how I met Sheep and how we both met Rocko, it seemed a fitting place to put the proceeds.

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