Daniel Lanois

daniel lanois comfort doll project So, with Tom Cochrane’s photo in our ‘pool’, we figured we needed another musician to add to it before we ran our next auction.

Myspace is a great place to find music, to listen for free – to make new friends and around Christmas 2006 I ‘rediscovered’ Daniel Lanois. I knew he was a producer for U2, having a hand in such albums as Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree but I had forgotten that I had found one of his own older albums years ago – Acadie – and loved it. Because of my association with Rocko and the Devils, and my U2 interest, Daniel Lanois was suddenly presented to me as a person to ask to participate. It was incredibly easy; I went to his website, found a contact address, sent an email to his amazing assistant Margaret, and got an answer back within a few short days – yes Daniel would love to be part of our charity project!

So, I knitted a doll, sent the little fella to Margaret along with a card to autograph, and waited. Daniel was away at the time and so it was a few good months of waiting, but as soon as he returned home to Canada, I found a lovely photo in my email inbox and a week or so later, the autographed index card was returned by regular post. Daniel usually wears an Edge-like beanie or hat and glasses in public, and I was tickled pink that he chose to doff the hat and glasses so we could see his lovely smiling face! His assistant Margaret was very much into making sure we had everything we needed, not just for the auction, but also in terms of helping to promo the auction to Daniel’s fan club and on his Myspace and things turned out very well… we combined his auction photo with two others: Tom Cochrane and Jimmy Eppard, and raised over $500 dollars for World Vision – Jimmy’s and Tom’s stories are in the previous, and next chapters 🙂

Daniel was our first ‘through the mail’ participant and it helped open up all sorts of possibilities for bands on our wish list, who might never tour through Vancouver.. it was the turning point in our project and was much appreciated.

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