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colin zacharias photo credit comfort doll project06In May 2006 two ladies sat down over a cup of coffee to talk about Bono (U2) and how his work with the One Campaign and Global Fund had inspired them both to want to ‘do’ something to help people in Africa.

But what to do? How to make a difference? We came up with a WILD idea!

I had been knitting Comfort Dolls for ICross Canada. They use the dolls instead of packing foam when they send shipments of HIV meds + delicate medical instruments to African clinics. Once the items are unpacked, each child gets their own doll. Many are AIDS orphans and/or HIV positive and it brings a small measure of comfort to them to have something truly their own.

Our idea was to contact actors and have them pose for a photo holding a comfort doll, then auction the photos to their fan club members and send proceeds to World Vision and ICross Canada. (at the time there were many TV programs filmed in our city so contacting actors didn’t seem like much of a challenge)

We contacted ICross Canada’s founder, William Willabond and asked permission to use the dolls in this manner – a resounding yes!  As we struggled to put the plan into action, we quickly changed the idea from actors to bands and musicians – the mgmt of bands are easier to contact and musicians\bands have been much more apt to want to give back.

How have we done so far? Come read. If you want to read our story in the right order (chronologically – skipping the auction posts), I’ve added links to each ‘chapter’ in the side bar to the right. —>

Also, look for links (up top) to other ‘pages’ for more info like our KIVA team, our charity jewelry and such.

*in 2009 we noticed a down turn in our photo auctions and were discouraged about how to continue. A good friend told us ‘you must find a way’. In early 2010 another friend suggested wearable jewelry from used guitar strings and so we tried a batch, and they were a hit! We’ve added guitar string bracelets and bass string necklaces to our fund raising, as well as inspirational saying wood bracelets and fan club bracelets and we have found a way!

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2 Responses to Who we are, what we’re about

  1. Lu-Anne Comfort says:

    I have knitted some of the dolls for the Comfort Doll Project and need information on where to send them.

  2. admin says:

    Hi there, you can find addresses for Icross in the ‘doll patterns’ tab up top! Also, we have an agency Drops of Grace who take dolls a few times a year as well.. we cant post that address as the dolls go directly to the home of the person going on the trip, but we can email that to anyone needing it, and we can message that to you on our FB page.

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