14 – Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts comfort doll project06

Sam Roberts

Auction 14 – Feb09 –Sam Roberts helped our project and the proceeds went to World Vision’s Gift Catalog. We raised $195 and were able to purchase the following:

-2 mosquito nets that will protect up to 8 children from malaria ($30)
-antibiotics for 10 children to protect from childhood diseases ($30)
-textbooks for a teacher to be able to teach for a year ($30)
-school lunches for 50 children for a month ($75)
-3 soccer balls (the children often play with rocks or balled up plastic bags) ($30)

We also did a KIVA loan for Sam on our KIVA Team which has been paid back many times over and the initial money loaned to new entrepreneurs.  Many thanks to Sam and especially his manager, Dave Spencer who worked with us for over a year off and on, to make this photo op possible!

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