18 – Collective Soul

Collective Soul comfort doll project06

Collective Soul


Auction 18 -In February 2009 Collective Soul came back through town for two concerts. We contacted their mgmt and they readily agreed to doing another Comfort Doll photo with us. Due to ‘life’ getting in the way (and a gut instinct) we held on to the photos, and the band came back through town October 2009 and we were able to have the band autograph the photos, which we auctioned off in November.

Collective Soul is the first band we have done ‘repeat’ photos with, and the band was very generous with their time – allowing us to photograph not just the band, but each band member individually with his own special Comfort Doll. With the auction proceeds, $400.00 we were able to purchase the following through World Vision’s Gift Catalog:

–Supply a classroom with books, art materials, pencils, paper, notebooks, rulers and more ($50)
(North American companies have already donated many of these supplies–so this gift will multiply 11 times to ship and/or purchase needed supplies.)

–3 Soccer balls ($30)
(kids need to play and in many parts of the world children use rocks and sticks or balled up plastic bags as toys)

Irrigation Systems – ($50)
(Irrigation systems improve water use efficiency and help communities achieve food security during periods of drought. This gift will help provide struggling farmers with needed supplies such as pumps, pipes, sprinklers, emitters, rainwater harvesting tanks, lining materials for canals, and more. Your gift will also provide training and assistance in the proper design, construction and maintenance of systems for sustainable irrigation management)

–School Feeding for 50 children for a month ($75)
(Without proper nutrition, children can’t learn. Your gift will help build and stock school kitchens and dining halls to provide nutritious lunches to 50 little ones in a rural school for an entire month. It could be their only healthy meal of the day! Because of donations from the World Food Program, your gift will multiply 5 times in value to help children)

–Immunize a Community ($100)
(Every year 1.4 million children die needlessly from diseases such as measles and polio that are easily preventable)

–Stock a Medical Clinic ($100)
(Provide basic medicines to children and families in impoverished areas of the world where hospital and health clinic shelves are often bare. North American companies have donated basic medicines like antibiotics, antimalarials, de-worming drugs, vitamins, aspirin, bandages, syringes, bed nets and more. Your gift will multiply 13 times to ship and/or purchase the needed supplies)

Many of these ‘gifts’ multiply many times over due to donation help from government agencies and other business’ generosity. We’ve split this money between health, education, clean water, and giving kids the chance to just be kids (soccer balls).

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