17 – Aaron Pritchett

Auction 17 -We’ve worked with country singer Aaron Pritchett a few times over the last year or so… he posed for a Comfort Doll photo and allowed us to take multiple photos and auction them off in 3 separate ‘lots’ (along with some ‘swag’; 2 cd’s, an Aaron Pritchett sweat shirt and a ladies Aaron Pritchett tank top) The first photo was combined with Blue October, the second photo was auctioned in fall of 2008, and we were able to take a third photo to Aaron for him to autograph, when he came through town this summer for a show. We auctioned off this autographed photo in October  2009 and were able to send $50 to World Vision for the following items:

-supply a classroom with all necessary supplies for a year ($50)

previously we also sent $60 to World Vision for Mosquito Nets and Vitamin A therapy as well as a combined $75 to Icross Canada along with money raised by the Blue October auction.

Our many thanks to Aaron Pritchett who continues to give back and has become a good friend and supporter of our project.

aaron pritchett comfort doll project06

Aaron Pritchett

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