Jerry Horton Papa Roach results!

So as you may remember from our last few blogs, we’ve been working on bracelets made from used guitar strings donated by guitar Jerry Horton from super group Papa Roach. Jerry was kind enough to send his strings after we chatted with him on Twitter, and we’ve finally been able to use them all! We’ve sent bracelets as far away as Russia and Poland!

jerry horton papa roachpapa roach guitar strings comfort doll project

We did four ‘lots’ of strings and raised a whopping $415 dollars! Even more whopping is the list of things we’ve been able to ‘purchase’ from World Vision’s gift catalog! They are:

  • supply a classroom (twice)
  • 3 soccer balls
  • school lunches for 50 kids for a month
  • Medicines for 20 kids
  • text books for a classroom (twice)
  • Syrian emergency relief ($20)
  • Baby chicks (twice)
  • 5 fruit trees

Many thanks to Jerry and the awesome Papa Roach fans who supported us!


The Glorious Sons Auction Results

the Glorious Sons are a Canadian rock band we became aware of through The Trews guitarist John Angus MacDonald who produced quite a few tracks on their new album. After seeing them live opening for The Trews last year I had an opportunity to ask singer Brett Emmons if he’d donate some guitar strings. He literally pulled a string off his acoustic on the spot and promised more – and sent his guitar tech to grab some! 

Took me about a month to decide what to do with Brett’s strings and wanted to wait til after all the awards shows to do the auction. Came up with the items you see below. 

Thanks to the band/mgmt posting our link on the band’s Twitter, and Brett sharing it on his Facebook page we did good! The money raised went to World Vision via their Gift Catalog and this is what we were able to purchase: 

Many thanks to all involved for another great auction. 

Happy Birthday to us with Bed Nets!

bed nets courtesy world vision canada

Ever wondered what a Bed Net looked like? Here you go! Thanks to World Vision Canada for the photo… it was our founder’s Birthday a few days ago and in leu of gifts we asked people to do a random act of kindness or donate to World Vision or the local Food Bank. Our best friend Margaret from Wisconsin spent a lot of time in Pakistan as a missionary and had to deal with mosquitos for many years – but not Malaria thankfully, so she chose bed nets to donate in our name. What a cool thing to do.

$30 gets you 2 bed nets which can protect up to 4 children each! That’s 8 kids protected for less than the price of a cup of coffee daily for a month. Pretty slick.

Thank you Trews Fans, Trews and Mgmt from World Vision

We have a really cool Thank You letter from World Vision’s President, Dave Toycen, on behalf of The Trews and especially Trews Fans for the amazing results of our last charity auction! Our previous post will tell you about the auction and results but we wanted to share the letter with you all – YOU helped us do this. Thank you.

(click on graphic to enlarge)

thank you world vision trews and fans


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The Trews strings Auction Results

trews used strings comfort doll projectWe turned a new chapter last year – our comfort doll photos were not as popular as in the previous 6 yrs and we’ve worked with nearly every major Canadian band so were looking for a new way to keep our charity project going. A friend sent us an idea – used guitar string bracelets! We googled, and there are many many out there! So.. we decided to give it a try.

The Trews were coming to play a summer festival near us, and so we contacted the band’s mgmt and ran the idea past them. They said yes and set it up for us, and the night of the concert, the band’s Tour Manager handed us a packet. Surprise! Not one set of strings but 4!!! Two full sets were from Colin’s blue and black Telecaster, one set from John-Angus’ Sunburst, and a fourth set we suspect they tossed in as a bonus! The strings were cut off the guitar (in a hurry perhaps, to add to our collection? 🙂 ) Four sets!

We got busy making bracelets! Not wanting to waste any part of the leftover’s we also made a few pairs of earrings, a keychain and even a belt loop charm and a ring!

trews used strings comfort doll project

The auction was a smash success! The Trews mgmt and Fan Club helped tremendously by spreading around the link to the auction and it exceeded our wildest expectations… Thanks to the band, the mgmt and Especially the fans, the auction raised just under $1700 .. we were, and still are, completely staggered. We had a hard time using it all at the World Vision online Gift Catalog -have never had this much funding to work with! So.. this is the list of what we donated.

  • 2 Hens and a Rooster (eggs for food and for selling)
  • 4 mosquito nets to protect from malaria – this gift helps up to 16 children
  • 3 soccer balls x 3! -kids often use plastic bags or rocks to play with – we wanted to provide some fun things too.
  • bicycle and repair kit – one bike can get a health care worker many miles in a day to visit those too sick to walk to the clinic.
  • Educate a Girl in Need x3 – Girls generally end up uneducated due to cost (the boys are educated first) so we wanted to help three girls go to school
  • HIV and AIDS Care Kit x 3 – a kit is all that’s needed to prevent HIV/Aids transmission from mother to child when the child passes through the birth canal.
  • Help Immunize a Community – big ticket item we were thrilled to include
  • Life-Saving Nutrition for a Child for 2 months -we chose two of this
  • Medicines for 10 children x2 – 20 children will get life saving or preventative meds
  • Restore a Child Soldier x 2 – The Trews support War Child and we thought this would be a good thing to do in their honor
  • School Feeding for 50 children x4 – we were able to feed 200 children for a month!
  • Stock a Medical Clinic x2 – everything needed to look after a community
  • Supply a Classroom x2 – paper, pencils, text books..

As we said, its staggering… the fans were amazing, and the fans support a band that gives back in so many ways (which is why the fans do as well). Thanks to all.


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