Comfort Dolls in the Raw (hee hee)

comfort dolls unfinishedComfort Dolls in the raw 🙂

So the other day I come home to this huge huge package sitting on my doorstep… and although I’m expecting things from my eBay orders none of them are any larger than a man’s wallet, so I’m stumped what it could be!

I look for a return address — nothing. So I open it up carefully and find a ton of paper on top, and start to pull it out.. only of find… a ton of comfort dolls!

But not just ordinary comfort doll.. nope.. these are ‘in the raw’. Unfinished. Unstuffed. No faces.. and so I start to look at them and notice that the variety of patterns and styles is quite amazing. Stocking stitch, checkerboard patterns and all sorts of interesting color combinations. Someone went to a lot of trouble to make each one unique in its own way.

Finally on the bottom of the package was a packing slip and… my brother sent it! Wow.. pretty cool. And impressive.. since I found out later that he learned to knit using Youtube videos in about a week! So my job now, stuff them all, sew them up and put cute little faces on them all! Some kids in Africa and other countries are going to be so happy. And if you knit or crochet you can find patterns HERE. Drops of Grace and Icross are always in need of dolls.

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