Year End Report for 2017

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Another year done and a new one started and as we all look back on the year we thought it would be good to give a report of sorts for our 2017 results.

Thanks to your ongoing support we were able to raise $985 this year through the sale of our guitar and bass string bracelets. We didn’t do as well as the past few years, due in part to personal obligations (selling our house and a massive move and renovations), but we still all did good- a lot of good! We still have quite a good collection of strings too that will be transformed into wearable mementos and sold throughout 2018!

We managed to send over 100 comfort dolls to the kids in Africa through Drops of Grace in 2017! Thanks so much to all the knitters who carry on with little fanfare- you guys are angels. This year’s goal is 200 and I know we can do it.

Our resolutions for the New Year include: updating this website more frequently – it’s so easy to get locked into Facebook and now Instagram, and forget about the site! But this is our home bass and we want to keep our history here first and foremost. Other resolutions include trying to post more broad ranged info on giving and philanthropy, and hitting harder on fundraising — our goal this year is $2000.00 for World Vision and Salvation Army/Food Banks during holiday cycles.

Thanks for your support both past and present and hope you have a 2018 filled with love and happiness!

Donna Mair
Comfort Doll Project

Nikki Sixx Strings!!

Can’t believe it! But yes .. we had 6 Nikki Sixx used bass strings in our possession for a short time! One of Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue, Sixx Am) fans won the strings in a contest last year, and then was able to catch enough bass guitar picks at various Sixx Am shows over the year, to have the materials for us to create some one of a kind, stunning bass string bracelets. Red and silver with skulls of course!

The fan (who shall remain anonymous) wanted to surprise her ‘road trip’ friends (all Nikki Sixx fans too) with a keep sake of their trips to the concerts over the years; what better way than a wearable memento.

And the proceeds were donated to World Vision as well as the local food bank — a win win situation. Now we just gotta get Nikki to see these hehe.

This was a very VERY fun project!

nikki sixx guitar strings comfort doll project

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings donate guitar strings

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings have donated their used guitar strings and we are thrilled beyond pieces!

The band (Stephen Fearing, Colin Linden, Tom Wilson) came to Kelowna for a concert, so we hit them up on Twitter to ask if they’d be interested in donating and they said yes. After the show, Stephen Fearing and Tom Wilson (also known for Lee Harvey Osmond project) were gracious and lovely and all smiles. Stephen had his strings ready but they were back stage so he said , “follow me,” and took us to the side stage table, handed them over and asked all sorts of questions about what we do. Buddy Tom Wilson was like a school kid wanting to hand them over, and cut them right off his just used guitar before winding them into a bundle for our eager little hands 🙂

The strings will be a lot of fun to work with – we might even make a bracelet or two with two strings – one from each artist! Stay tuned and follow us on our Twitter or Instagram where we post daily updates and many of our current bracelets.

blackie and the rodeo king strings comfort doll project blackie and the rodeo kings comfort doll project

TOM freaking Cochrane donates strings!

Tom Cochrane is many things – World Vision ambassador, Juno award winner, Order of Canada recipient – and we’ve followed him on Twitter for awhile now.. Tom was one of our first Comfort Doll participants 11 yrs ago and has always had a soft spot in our hearts. When we asked Tom  if he’d donate his used strings – “of course!” he said.

One day they came in the mail and Tom AND guitarist/slide guitarist extraordinaire Kenny Greer also donated his strings! We have silver. We have gold. We have brass. We have thick, and thin, and copper coloured.. we have strings 🙂  Can’t wait to make some items!

*edit – this is our first bracelet, inspired by Sinking Like a Sunset (and sold..but we can make more, so no worries). Pic of me with Tom about a month after the strings arrived.. after his show in Kelowna. He loved the bracelets (we took one) and what his strings are accomplishing.

tom cochrane sinking like a sunset comfort doll project tom cochrane comfort doll project

Sam Roberts Band guitar AND bass strings!

Sam Roberts Band have supported our charity since the very beginning first with a Comfort Doll photo (HERE) and then with donating guitar strings, and this time, James Hall got in on the action and donated his bass strings as well!

Sam Roberts Band was playing Vancouver at the Orpheum theatre, 8 yrs almost to the day of our first encounter with these great guys, so of course we had to go see the show! We got the strings after the show from the band’s tech, who came right up and handed us a box stuffed to the gunnels! Sweet.

Can’t wait to play with these again, and come up with some new and unique designs – and send the proceeds off to World Vision and other charities. SRB fans are amazing in that regard! They really support the band’s efforts to give back and I love that about the fans. And about the band.

sam roberts band guitar strings comfort doll project