Papa Roach Jerry Horton strings arrive!


andrew wendowski photographyPapa Roach guitarist Jerry Horton told us a few months ago yes! He would donate his used strings to us, and true to his word, they arrived! We got a FedEx card in the mail the other day, and it said there was a parcel for pick up – but not at the post office – at the hardware store! Very odd.. what on earth could it be? Went down to get it, asked the guy who it was from as he came out of the stock room – Papa Roach he says -and his eyes light up! “my fav band” he says.. yes! Ours too haha..

So the package was big! And it said Papa Roach on the return address – their management company. Could hardly wait to get out to the car to open it up!

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The Glorious Sons Auction Results

the Glorious Sons are a Canadian rock band we became aware of through The Trews guitarist John Angus MacDonald who produced quite a few tracks on their new album. After seeing them live opening for The Trews last year I had an opportunity to ask singer Brett Emmons if he’d donate some guitar strings. He literally pulled a string off his acoustic on the spot and promised more – and sent his guitar tech to grab some! 

Took me about a month to decide what to do with Brett’s strings and wanted to wait til after all the awards shows to do the auction. Came up with the items you see below. 

Thanks to the band/mgmt posting our link on the band’s Twitter, and Brett sharing it on his Facebook page we did good! The money raised went to World Vision via their Gift Catalog and this is what we were able to purchase: 

Many thanks to all involved for another great auction. 

Jerry Horton and Papa Roach!

papa-roach-1 jerry horton comfort doll project

We’ve been getting to know more about the mega rock band Papa Roach over the last year –  singer/frontman Jacoby Shaddix is 3 yrs clean and sober, has become a born again believer (and is quite open about how this is what saved his life from the drugs and drink) and the band has a new album out, F.E.A.R (Face Everything and Rise). This band is HUGE and has a great loyal (large) group of fans and followers and we love everything about them – great attitude, great music, fantastic way they treat their fans both at shows, and online.

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Sam Roberts Band auction results!

Sam Roberts Band auction results are in! Many thanks to everyone who bid, shared, and supported our latest guitar string auction.. we did good 🙂

We auctioned off a pile of strings from Sam Roberts himself and the results are in. We raised a whopping $380.00 and were able to purchase the following items on World Vision’s online gift catalog.

We were able to:

  • educate a girl in need
  • supply a classroom
  • 3 soccer balls for school kids
  • school feeding for 50 kids for a month
  • feed a family for 30 days
  • meds for 10 kids
  • life saving nutrition for a child for 2 months

We saw Sam in person, August 10, and gave him a World Vision thank you card with everything listed, and he loved it, especially the 3 soccer balls, and the educating a girl in need. We had one tiny scrap of his guitar strings left, and made it into a bracelet with purple glass leaf charms which we gave to him for his lovely wife.. he loved that his strings could be turned into such good things.

Thanks so much to everyone involved and many thanks to Sam, his tour manager for saving the strings, and his manager for posting our auction on the band’s Facebook and twitter. We all did good.

Austin Belle Auction results

Austin Belle Jesse Wainwright Stacey McKitrick

Our friends Jesse Wainwright (from rock band State of Shock) and Stacey McKitrick (aka Austin Belle) donated to our cause this summer. Jesse donated his used guitar strings, and Tobi their drummer handed us the used sticks at the last house concert they did. Kadooh their guitarist gave us the set list and made sure everyone in the band signed it! We auctioned these off and were able to raise $160.00 which we put to good use via World Vision’s Gift Catalog.

  • meds for 10 kids in need
  • school lunches for 50 kids for a month
  • supplied an entire classroom for a year (matched by Canadian corporate donors)
  • We also rounded up our amount which World Vision would send to where its needed most

Many thanks to the band, and to Jesse in particular who is going to donate many more guitar strings, and who sponsored a child just recently! Well done 🙂

Follow @Austinbelleband and find them on Instagram and Facebook.