Comfort Dolls in the Raw (hee hee)

comfort dolls unfinishedComfort Dolls in the raw 🙂

So the other day I come home to this huge huge package sitting on my doorstep… and although I’m expecting things from my eBay orders none of them are any larger than a man’s wallet, so I’m stumped what it could be!

I look for a return address — nothing. So I open it up carefully and find a ton of paper on top, and start to pull it out.. only of find… a ton of comfort dolls!

But not just ordinary comfort doll.. nope.. these are ‘in the raw’. Unfinished. Unstuffed. No faces.. and so I start to look at them and notice that the variety of patterns and styles is quite amazing. Stocking stitch, checkerboard patterns and all sorts of interesting color combinations. Someone went to a lot of trouble to make each one unique in its own way.

Finally on the bottom of the package was a packing slip and… my brother sent it! Wow.. pretty cool. And impressive.. since I found out later that he learned to knit using Youtube videos in about a week! So my job now, stuff them all, sew them up and put cute little faces on them all! Some kids in Africa and other countries are going to be so happy. And if you knit or crochet you can find patterns HERE. Drops of Grace and Icross are always in need of dolls.

©Comfort Doll Project

Chris Kael Five Finger Death Punch bass string results

chris kale five finger death punch comfort doll projectChris Kael from Five Finger Death Punch donated his bass strings to us a few weeks ago and we jumped in fast and furious to make bracelets and a few necklaces .. thanks to Chris re-tweeting our first tweet announcing the strings, we were inundated with people all wanting one! (fantastic!)

Couldn’t keep up at one point – the phone on my battery wore down trying to keep up with all the tweets haha.. the BEST kind of problem to have! Here is a small sampling of things we made with Chris’ 6 donated strings.

Lots of skulls 🙂 (Chris is the one glowering in the above photo.. his trademark look hah)

chris-kael-comfort-doll-project-1 chris-kael-comfort-doll-project-10

chris-kael-comfort-doll-project-2 chris-kael-comfort-doll-project-7

All told we were able to create 15 bracelets and a necklace from 6 strings! The fans were super supportive, and we raised a whopping $355.00 for World Vision. We asked fans on Twitter if we should do a little for many, or go ‘big’ and do something huge with the amount.. the overwhelming response was ‘go big or go home’ haha! SO..

We did the following:

  • Stocked a medical clinic
  • Immunized an entire community
  • Lunches for 50 school kids for an entire month
  • Support street children including a safe place to live, education etc
  • Bought baby chicks for a family to raise for meat and breeding
  • Soccer balls for kids to be kids!

Thanks so much to the fans who purchased the items, shared our posts and helped make this a huge success, and again to Chris’ assistant Brad for getting the strings to us, ands huge thanks to Chris Kael who’s motto is #PositivelyAffectingLives and who lives what he preaches!


Chris Kael from Five Finger Death Punch donates his bass strings!

chris kale five finger death punch comfort doll projectWe found out about Five Finger Death Punch through Papa Roach, and that they were coming to a town near us (along with two other bands in one huge concert).. so I started following them on Twitter and found that Chris Kael their bass player was #1 a super nice guy with a good sense of humour, #2 very active on social media, and #3 always looking for ways to give back.

We tweeted Chris just once, with a photo of one of the bracelets we made with Jerry Horton‘s (Papa Roach) guitar strings, and asked if he would be interested in donating strings – and he gave us a resounding “send me an address, I’d be more than willing to donate a pack to help out!”  Messaged Chris, letting him know that we were actually going to the concert his band was going to be doing in a month or so, and arranged to get the strings that night.

The show was great. Loud! Energetic. Hectic. Amazing. Seeing Papa Roach play again (second time only) and then Five Finger Death Punch for the first time.. and the fans were pretty decent too which was great! After the show, we hooked up with Chris’ assistant Brad, who passed on a package of strings for us (thanks very much!) and we were all set! Can’t wait to see what we can create with these!

chris-kael-donated-strings1 chris-kael-donated-strings-2


Dallas Smith Donates his Used Guitar Strings after Show

dallas smith donated strings comfort doll projectWe have strings! Many thanks to Canadian Country artist and Juno nominee Dallas Smith for donating his used guitar strings.

Dallas played a short intimate set list from his new album Side Effects, as well as some old favorites yesterday in Kelowna, and the only way in was to win with the local radio station by being the first caller in as soon as you heard the prompt. After nearly two weeks of trying every single day, and not being fast enough – we decided to listen to the radio on the radio (instead of on the phone where there is a good 15 second delay! Can’t believe we were the first caller through after the prompt! We won!

About 100 local fans showed up (all from winning their way in) and the show was held at the local casino in their jam-space. After the show we hooked up with Dallas in the mini ‘back stage’ area, where he took the time to take each string off his guitar (and put new ones on) and then pass them on to us, on the spot. He’s very stoked about being able to donate something so mundane and seeing what can happen with them. Very cool.

Stay tuned.. Good things are coming (we hope 🙂 )

©Comfort Doll Project


Jerry Horton Papa Roach results!

So as you may remember from our last few blogs, we’ve been working on bracelets made from used guitar strings donated by guitar Jerry Horton from super group Papa Roach. Jerry was kind enough to send his strings after we chatted with him on Twitter, and we’ve finally been able to use them all! We’ve sent bracelets as far away as Russia and Poland!

jerry horton papa roachpapa roach guitar strings comfort doll project

We did four ‘lots’ of strings and raised a whopping $415 dollars! Even more whopping is the list of things we’ve been able to ‘purchase’ from World Vision’s gift catalog! They are:

  • supply a classroom (twice)
  • 3 soccer balls
  • school lunches for 50 kids for a month
  • Medicines for 20 kids
  • text books for a classroom (twice)
  • Syrian emergency relief ($20)
  • Baby chicks (twice)
  • 5 fruit trees

Many thanks to Jerry and the awesome Papa Roach fans who supported us!