Papa Roach Jerry Horton strings arrive!


andrew wendowski photographyPapa Roach guitarist Jerry Horton told us a few months ago yes! He would donate his used strings to us, and true to his word, they arrived! We got a FedEx card in the mail the other day, and it said there was a parcel for pick up – but not at the post office – at the hardware store! Very odd.. what on earth could it be? Went down to get it, asked the guy who it was from as he came out of the stock room – Papa Roach he says -and his eyes light up! “my fav band” he says.. yes! Ours too haha..

So the package was big! And it said Papa Roach on the return address – their management company. Could hardly wait to get out to the car to open it up!

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Auction Results for Jack Syperek – The Trews strings

jack syperek of the trewsMany thanks to Jack of The Trews for donating his used bass guitar strings, AND for posting our auction on the band’s FB page – made a huge difference in getting the auction ‘out there’.

WE have the tally of the auction, and after expenses you helped us raise $465 dollars for World Vision which we just spent through their online Gift Catalog! Here is a list of what we were able to accomplish.

  • School feeding for 50 kids for a month
  • supply 3 soccer balls for kids at school
  • Feeding a family in disaster zone for a month
  • Stock a classroom for the year
  • Stock a medical clinic
  • Educate a girl
  • Restore a child soldier

Amazing stuff all from 4 used bass strings 😉 Many thanks to The Trews Fans Network and Sharon and to all those who bid, shared and passed on the info to friends which helped make this auction so amazing.