Our Goals for 2018! 3 Little Pigs

comfort doll project piglet world visionHope everyone had a great New Years and set some goals 🙂 We did too! Last year, you helped us raise just under $1000 dollars and we sent most of that to World Vision through their online Gift Catalog. We choose a variety of items including health, education, clean water, and disaster relief.

This year, we decided to set a few goals and are hoping you can help us reach those! Our first goal is to raise enough to ‘purchase’ Three Little Pigs via World Vision! This is the description from their Gift Catalog page:

Pigs are easy to raise and grow quickly. And one sow can produce as many as 20 piglets each year to sell at market. Gifts of livestock and agricultural products will also support programs that provide education in animal husbandry, and business skills to help families increase their income over the long-term so their children can have brighter futures.

Gifts of livestock and agricultural products also support and provide training and education in animal husbandry, agricultural production, market access and business skills to help families increase their income over the long-term so their children can have brighter futures.

3 Piglets require a one time donation of $120.00 and we know we can do this!

Once we reach this goal, we’ll choose another, and another, and see how far we can get in 2018 – we are excited! Donations will be raised through the sale of our guitar string bracelets, our Inspired Sayings bracelets and we are seriously considering doing the Comfort Doll photos again with our fav bands.

Thanks to everyone for the support and love you’ve shown us the last 12 years!

Sam Roberts Band auction results!

Sam Roberts Band auction results are in! Many thanks to everyone who bid, shared, and supported our latest guitar string auction.. we did good 🙂

We auctioned off a pile of strings from Sam Roberts himself and the results are in. We raised a whopping $380.00 and were able to purchase the following items on World Vision’s online gift catalog.

We were able to:

  • educate a girl in need
  • supply a classroom
  • 3 soccer balls for school kids
  • school feeding for 50 kids for a month
  • feed a family for 30 days
  • meds for 10 kids
  • life saving nutrition for a child for 2 months

We saw Sam in person, August 10, and gave him a World Vision thank you card with everything listed, and he loved it, especially the 3 soccer balls, and the educating a girl in need. We had one tiny scrap of his guitar strings left, and made it into a bracelet with purple glass leaf charms which we gave to him for his lovely wife.. he loved that his strings could be turned into such good things.

Thanks so much to everyone involved and many thanks to Sam, his tour manager for saving the strings, and his manager for posting our auction on the band’s Facebook and twitter. We all did good.

Auction Results -Bif Naked, The Trews

Bif Naked comfort doll project Our last auction of 2010 was really cool! The auction featured the lovely Bif Naked with a comfort doll that we gave a really wild spikey hairdo when we knitted it.. sort of to match Bif’s own wild spikey hair that she sported after it grew out from her chemo sessions. Knowing that Bif has a weakness for bubble gum (as per her twitter tweets) we chose bubble gum pink for the doll’s shirt and sent it off… within short order, we were sent two lovely photos of Bif by her mgmt people.

A few weeks later, we heard that Bif was coming near our town for a show, bought tickets (our first time seeing the lovely Ms Naked live) and contacted her mgmt to ask about having the photos autographed at the show. They said yes, and so it was arranged (she did a meet and greet of sorts with most of the audience after the show). While at the show, we scooped a poster (with permission from the venue staff) and took it home until auction time. One auction package included an autographed photo of Bif with the poster, the other package was the second autographed photo along with a copy of Bif’s new cd, The Promise.

We decided to combine a few items in this last auction – items that have been kicking around for awhile… waiting for the right time to auction them off… included with Bif’s items were pictures and swag from The Trews as well as The Mudmen.

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All I Want for Christmas is a Rabbit .. or two!

Yesterday Jann Arden tweeted about being home from tour and making Christmas lists for her friends/families – and mentioned she might just buy everyone a Goat. I thought this was a pretty cool comment actually, as she has been working with World Vision on her current tour (donating proceeds of her ‘on stage’ paintings to World Vision) – I knew she meant buying a Goat from the World Vision Gift Catalog in the name of her family and friends, for someone living in extreme poverty in Africa or other developing countries.

I was almost asleep last night when the thought hit me – all I want for Christmas is a rabbit. This thought came to me as I lay listening to Collective Soul on my iPod in bed – their new/current album is actually called Self Titled, but because it has a rabbit on the cover, everyone has dubbed it ‘Rabbit’. I have enough money that I’ve been able to go buy this album the day it came out in stores but many of my friends had to save for a month to go buy it – and many people in developing countries are scrimping and saving to just buy food -there are no luxuries.

Collective Soul did a contest a few months back called Pay it Forward for CS – the band is all about giving back to people and encourage their fans to do likewise… which led me to thinking about Rabbits – and about World Vision (the band recently participated in a Comfort Doll photo op which we auctioned and sent the money to World Vision)… and World Vision has Rabbits as one of the gifts you can give! A pair of rabbits are a good starter business for a family – they breed well, like rabbits 🙂 and are a good source of income for selling at market, or a good source of protein for a family in need of food… so all I want for Christmas is a pair of rabbits.


Since I already have the Collective Soul ‘Rabbit’, a pair of World Vision rabbits would be wonderful. And I know that Collective Soul fans are also giving in nature – what a neat thing it would be to spread this idea around and have it multiply like … rabbits 🙂 So when your friends or family ask what you want for Christmas – think about asking for a rabbit or two.

you can find the World Vision Gift catalog here: Canadian Rabbit Gift and USA Rabbit Gift