Sam Roberts Band guitar AND bass strings!

Sam Roberts Band have supported our charity since the very beginning first with a Comfort Doll photo (HERE) and then with donating guitar strings, and this time, James Hall got in on the action and donated his bass strings as well!

Sam Roberts Band was playing Vancouver at the Orpheum theatre, 8 yrs almost to the day of our first encounter with these great guys, so of course we had to go see the show! We got the strings after the show from the band’s tech, who came right up and handed us a box stuffed to the gunnels! Sweet.

Can’t wait to play with these again, and come up with some new and unique designs – and send the proceeds off to World Vision and other charities. SRB fans are amazing in that regard! They really support the band’s efforts to give back and I love that about the fans. And about the band.

sam roberts band guitar strings comfort doll project

Sam Roberts Band auction results!

Sam Roberts Band auction results are in! Many thanks to everyone who bid, shared, and supported our latest guitar string auction.. we did good 🙂

We auctioned off a pile of strings from Sam Roberts himself and the results are in. We raised a whopping $380.00 and were able to purchase the following items on World Vision’s online gift catalog.

We were able to:

  • educate a girl in need
  • supply a classroom
  • 3 soccer balls for school kids
  • school feeding for 50 kids for a month
  • feed a family for 30 days
  • meds for 10 kids
  • life saving nutrition for a child for 2 months

We saw Sam in person, August 10, and gave him a World Vision thank you card with everything listed, and he loved it, especially the 3 soccer balls, and the educating a girl in need. We had one tiny scrap of his guitar strings left, and made it into a bracelet with purple glass leaf charms which we gave to him for his lovely wife.. he loved that his strings could be turned into such good things.

Thanks so much to everyone involved and many thanks to Sam, his tour manager for saving the strings, and his manager for posting our auction on the band’s Facebook and twitter. We all did good.

Sam Roberts guitar strings bracelet Auction coming soon!

Last year, around this time,  we were gifted 3 sets of used guitar strings from Canadian rocker Sam Roberts. Many things were on the list of ‘to do’ and Sam had a new album that just came out in April so we held off with our auction but… its time! The auction will run next week for a total of 7 days! Look for links on our site’s sidebar widget for that time period, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and on Sam Roberts Band Facebook page!

sam roberts band guitar string bracelet comfort doll project sam roberts band guitar string bracelet comfort doll project

sam roberts band guitar string bracelet comfort doll project

Some Sad News

After nearly 5  yrs of running our Comfort Doll Project by taking photos of bands with a comfort doll, and auctioning the photos along with some donated band items, we have had to accept the realization that photos are not grabbing people’s attention any longer… not even autographed photos.

We auctioned the Shinedown photos, and only one of them had a bid… the other three did not sell. We started with just the photo, then had bands donate used guitar picks or drum sticks or a cd in order to up the appeal for the package deal.. but it’s not what people want any longer. The new idea of making bracelets from used guitar strings seems to be the ticket.

It’s been extremely disappointing to have less and less response to the photos of the bands, especially the bands that really want to help out, the photos of the big tough guys with tattoos holding small knitted dolls and smiling like crazy… they have always been my favourite way to remember the bands and artists we’ve worked with over the last 5 yrs. Not having any bids on the Shinedown photos was gutting…

But we’re resilient and as our friend Sam told us 3 yrs ago when we faced our first major hurdle, “you must find a way to keep doing this.. it’s important. Long live the Comfort Doll Project.”

Sam, we will keep going!